Want improved productivity from your employees? Reduced sick days from germy work stations? Let us do our job so your team can do theirs.

If you have never experienced a truly clean office, give Xon Cleaning a try. Our office cleaning service is exceptional, and will make you wonder how you ever worked in an environment anything less than pristine.

A cleaner office is a healthier one

Who hasn’t had to move desks and realised once you move your computer and a few other bits and pieces you are left with a horrifying mess of dust, dried tea and coffee spills, lunch crumbs and grime. And have you heard that work desks harbour more germs than the average toilet? We can help you. Our cleaning team will not only do the standard office clean (vacuum, bathroom, quick wipe of the photocopier). We will actually clean each and every desk to ensure your employees are in the most hygienic and comfortable workplace possible. Not only will this help with reduced sick days, but the overall happiness and productivity of your team will be lifted by a cleaner environment.

Look good, feel good, win the work

It’s nothing new that people judge on first impressions. This includes existing clients, the clients you are trying to win and the employees you want to engage. We can ensure your business is presented in the best way with a clean and fresh feel. Because when you look good, you feel good and you win the work. We are proud to say that several of our clients have been surprised at what a proper office clean looks like and the effect it can have.

We promise to match the cleaning needs of your business

At Xon Cleaning, we believe that every office is unique with its own set of cleaning requirements. For this reason, we provide customised cleaning services to each client. We understand that the kind of service you need depends on the number of employees, the size of the office as well as the type of business you are in. We feel that it is important to gain an insight into the layout of the office before we come up with a cleaning plan. Furthermore, many offices need cleaning at different times and frequencies. We will work with you to determine how often your office needs to be cleaned and when the best time of the day (or night) this should be carried out.

We provide the following offices cleaning services in Sydney:

  • Empty all bins and remove any other waste
  • Maintenance of hard flooring such as tiles, vinyl, timber and concrete
  • Deodorise to leave the air feeling fresh but without the ‘chemical smell’
  • Spray and wipe all surfaces including desks, tables and benches
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Disinfect and clean bathrooms and kitchens
  • Window and glass cleaning
  • Floor strip and re-sealing

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