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Xon Cleaning has been around for more than ten years. We are one of the best national providers of industrial cleaning services in Sydney. Our team consists of exceptionally talented professionals with a combined experience of twenty-seven years in the industry, our industrial cleaning services and capabilities are second to none in the sector.

If you have passed by a factory and wondered how it is kept clean, we can answer your question

Xon Cleaning has been providing industrial cleaning services in Sydney for quite some time now. We know that industrial premises and warehouses have distinct cleaning needs that are different from those of residential and commercial venues. The cleaning up of factories and similar places should only be undertaken by the experts in the field.

Our team has been tidying up different industrial premises. We have vast experience of cleaning factories and warehouses. Our strong understanding of the unique needs of these mega venues allows us to clean up as effectively and efficiently as possible. We understand full well that volume and kind of rubbish produced by these venues, is usually rather large and has special disposal needs. Plus a factory or warehouse has to be cleaned up systematically. You cannot stop production or move your inventory elsewhere, while you manage the spring cleaning.

We will devise a cleaning and safety plan to suit your industrial premises

We work by devising a cleaning and safety plan that is suitable for your factory, warehouse or other industrial premises. A cleaning and safety plan is important, because it defines how these premises should be cleaned, keeping in view the dangers of the industrial cleaning. This may sound a little scary, but it is not with Xon Cleaning.

We understand that there is a lot of hustle and bustle in a factory or warehouse. Furthermore, there are a lot of machinery and other voluminous heavy things at work, so safety is integral. To ensure that your industrial premises are clean, safe and in compliance with the industry standards, you should definitely consider hiring our industrial cleaning services in Sydney.

A list of our industrial and commercial services is as follows:

  • Sweeping and Scrubbing
  • Warehouse Sweeping
  • Grounds Maintenance

And a lot more.

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We understand that different factories and warehouses have varying cleaning needs. We can handle industrial venues of different kinds quite easily. If you have any queries regarding our industrial cleaning services, we will suggest you contact us by telephone TEL: 1300 096 401 or email us: