Clean environment, clean mind, relaxed learning

Over the years, Xon Cleaning has developed a solid reputation for cleaning educational facilities throughout Sydney. We fully understand the demands of a school, university and other educational institutes. We know that these premises see a lot of human traffic on a regular basis. And we know that human traffic creates mess. A mess that we are happy to clean up.

Xon Cleaning will put the pristineness back into your school

Litter, food scraps, take away coffee cups, high traffic toilets, all this leads to uncleanliness. We want to keep on top of this to ensure your students and teachers enjoy a hygienic, clean and comfortable environment where students can learn and thrive.

Xon Cleaning offers services to:

  • pre-school and day care centres
  • public and private sector schools
  • universities
  • colleges
  • other training and educational facilities

Xon Cleaning knows that proper cleaning includes regular maintenance and periodical cleaning. Cleanliness is integral to preventing a facility from deteriorating in appearance. At Xon Cleaning, we know that the cleaning of educational facilities is needed and carried out throughout the year. There are two types of cleaning work required – everyday cleaning and the non-urgent cleaning and maintenance work that is conducted during the holidays.

Our service is affordable

You will be pleased to know that our service is affordable and complies with industry standards. We ensure that the chemicals, equipment and cleaning techniques we use are the best and bring desired results while being economical and environmentally friendly. We have a philosophy of safety first both for our employees and our clients and we are ethical and environmentally minded in all our practices.

Want to ensure learning minds are in the cleanest environment possible? Contact Xon Cleaning now.

For more information on our educational institutes cleaning services, you can email us at or call us at 1300 096 401.