• Commercial Cleaning

    Benefits of using XON Cleaning – we are an experienced commercial and industrial cleaning company and are able to provide all cleaning services.

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  • Commercial Cleaning

    Benefits of using XON Cleaning – we are an experienced commercial and industrial cleaning company and are able to provide all cleaning services.

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XON Cleaning is a leading Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Company with an extensive range of experience in the cleaning maintenance of several industries across Australia and with an outstanding reputation for quality and integrity within the market place.

Xon Cleaning is providing best cleaning Services in Sydney at affordable prices.

Welcome to the website of Xon Cleaning. We provide some of the best cleaning services in Sydney. Xon Cleaning is one of the leading cleaning companies in the Sydney. We offer services to residential, commercial and industrial clients. We have been cleaning up a variety of venues for more than a decade and we can proudly say that our services are second to none.

Let us help you eliminate the chaos and restore tranquillity

At Xon Cleaning, we understand the importance of hygiene in our daily lives. Cleanliness is not just about hygiene, it makes your life a lot easier. Moreover, managing to make your life easier with an affordable cleaning service in Sydney is the real cherry on top of the icing on the cake. For us, our service is about eliminating the chaos and restoring a sense of order, simultaneously creating a healthy environment.

Need any cleaning done? We have you covered

We have been in the cleaning industry for more than ten years now. With twenty-seven years worth of cleaning expertise, we can proudly say that Xon Cleaning has been on a cleaning spree of the retail sector. Whether it is a small outlet on the high street or a large multi-storey shopping mall, we have it covered… and cleaned.

We also provide best cleaning services for offices, educational institutes and aged care facilities. Over the years, we have made it a point to develop an understanding of the unique needs of each of the industries we serve.

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Cleaning is about keeping up appearances, we can help you do it!

You will be delighted to know that we offer an affordable cleaning service in Sydney. Businesses and public premises have to maintain certain hygiene standards in order to stay in the business and open to the public. For instance, we know that educational institutions are required to fulfill certain cleaning requirements by the local councils as well as certain regulatory bodies and authorities.

Furthermore, usually, schools can have a couple of hundred students. So, if you consider the amount of dust and number of muddy feet, wrappers of snacks, juice cartons, soda bottles and chewing gums under the desk and as well as other litter, that is a lot of cleaning up.

We help high traffic areas stay clean by offering an affordable cleaning service in Sydney

Logically, any space that sees mass human traffic throughout the day is going to get messy if it is not cleaned. You will be delighted to know that we are well equipped with all the required expertise as well as cleaning equipment and machinery. In addition, we can offer a flexible schedule to suit the needs of our clients in different industries because we know that business and commercial premises require cleaning at different times during the day and often during a single day. If our customers don’t approve of what we have done, we will come back and work even harder to get your approval on the cleaning job.

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What our Clients Are Saying

  • I have only received the best service from XON Cleaning. Being long term clients we have only witnessed the greatest cleanliness and its never been short of what they promised.

    John Lockley

  • We have a contract with XON Cleaning to have my office cleaned 3 times a week and 2 years down the track I still walk in impressed with there quality of work. There always open for feedback to ensure its always done to our expectations. They are highly recommended

    Sarah Kenedy